Perfect Present

Perfect Present Scene
74 minutes
Martijn Hullegie

A "behind closed doors" relationship comedy about an awkward reunion dinner between three flawed brothers who all have a hidden agenda. The evening descends into chaos when the woman they all love announces her pregnancy without revealing the father’s identity. ----- Perfect Present is a heady cocktail of unrequited love, sibling rivalry, adultery and a dash of lies, big and small, that swirls together to become a bitter-sweet toxic potion that three estranged brothers - and the single most important woman in all their lives - are forced to consume in one sitting during an epic family reunion dinner gone astray. Silverware clashes, pretentious wine is spilled and dreams and dinner plates are shattered alike as the three brothers are forced to confront their mistakes of the past. But when the deepest of all family secrets slowly unravels, they are forced to reconsider a radically different future as well - with or without each other.


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