Tears & Dreams

“Then an uncle took me away, to a distant village, and they put the collar on me … I was very small. Now I am 12 years old “. The story of those who try to wipe the tears of little girls like Stella, to make them dream again. A journey among the Burmese refugees Akha, the opium trafficking, the slavery of girls in the “giraffe women” village, the victims of trafficking, the friendship of a small group of nuns with a Buddhist monk. In the Golden Triangle, a meeting point between Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, famous for the news even for illegal trafficking, stories of tears and dreams are intertwined. The Hakha, the Lahu, the Kajan are Burmese tribes of Chinese origin. Persecuted, often in extreme poverty, refugees without status … The Sisters of Providence, three Burmese, one Chinese and one Brazilian, in collaboration with the Buddhist monk Ven. Chaiwat, engage in the path of dialogue and to give girls a dream. They work relentlessly against trafficking to make girls and boys free from the chains of slavery and the consequences of drugs … Now they have a dream: to build a restaurant, the “Inn of Happiness”, to give girls a future.

Where It All Began

Where it all began is a documentary about the worlwide and english history of football.

Where it all began - still

Escape to Costa Rica – Jungle!

The episode of the trilogy Escape to Costa Rica.

The Costa Rica jungle is home to over half a million species. It hides unseen mysteries of life, only a fraction of which have ever been discovered by humans. Most of the creatures that the creators captured during their journey display exceptional abilities – basilisks that can run across the surface of water, frogs that change into leaves, sloths that live largely upside-down, and Atta leafcutter ants, whose antibiotic production would be the envy of any pharmaceutical giant. Equally worthy of attention are the feathered denizens of the jungle, such as toucans and tanagers, and macaws, which Project Ara works tirelessly to rescue and use to repopulate their territory.

Costa Ricans are well aware of their extraordinary natural wealth, and they protect their treasure with an exceptional range of national parks and protected areas. The jungle can, however, be dangerous. It’s a test for anybody who wishes to explore it – the jungle will try their determination, courage, and ability to observe, listen, and blend in. The reward is unexpected self-knowledge.

Escape to Costa Rica - still


“This is Zejd – he’s a great student, only he can’t hear.” In order for Zejd to be able to go to school like the other children, and in order for him to not merely have this right in theory, on paper, his teacher Sanela and his parents get together with his classmates to make sure that the lessons are inclusive. In so doing not only Zejd and his fellow students make progress – everyone involved learns a great deal.

In a still war-torn Sarajevo, the collective efforts of a schoolteacher & parents to create a learning environment for a deaf boy, without government aid, becomes a success story that gives new life to the inclusionary education debate worldwide.

In 2016, Sanela Ljumanovic, a teacher in a typical Sarajevo grade school was approached by the mother of six-year-old Zejd Coralic with a question: would Sanela be willing to allow Zejd, who is deaf, to be included in the class. Though the Bosnian government has adopted laws around integrating special-needs children into schools, they have done little in the way of providing the resources and basic conditions needed to put them into practice. In spite of that, Sanela agreed without hesitation. Fortunately for Zejd, the other parents – primarily the mothers – and the teacher were very sensitive to his problem, and worked together to find a solution. They self-financed the hiring of a sign-language-teacher who taught not only Zejd, but the entire class as well.

Belonging - still

The Foreign son

Answering the “call” of his native Algeria, of which he only retains childhood memories, 50-year-old Omar returns there after many years. There seems to be a path unfolding just for him, and it is tortuous.

A providential child will guide him. The apparently pristine wilderness is heavy with the past of the land. Along a fine line between reality and fantasy, this past will surface through archive footage.

The uncanny trip will lead Omar to paradoxically connect with a land he hardly knows, and allow his intimate reunion with an estranged family.

The foreign son - still

John Cousins & University of the Waves

Portrait of a musician: sonic artist John Cousins, born in 1944 in Wellington, New Zealand.

His credo he takes from a poem by Pablo Neruda:

‘I need the sea, because it teaches me. I don’t know if I learn music or awareness…The fact is that until I fall asleep, in some magnetic way I move in the university of the waves.?

John Cousins presents his multi channel works exclusively in his own studio in Christchurch – to a single listener at a time.

As source material for his compositions he uses field recordings, interviews and his own voice.

The film was shot in different locations in New Zealand, chiefly around the Paturau River Mouth on the Northwest coast of the South Island. It is presented in a 5.1 surround sound mix.


Cacu, a change for life

Five fishermen from Manresa, a poor neighborhood to the West of Santo Domingo, transitioned from sea turtle nest predators to conservationists of the species. Their 4-year transformative process was implemented by marine biologist Omar Shamir Reynoso, who developed a one-of-a-kind plan in the Dominican Republic that involves fishermen and communities alike in conservation efforts.

Cacu - still

Guns and Guitars

Guns and Guitars track the journey of the director Bidyut back to his root – northeast India.

The 8 northeastern states connect with the rest of the country with a mere corridor of 21 km in breath at places, but shares more than 4500 km of international borders with 5 different countries Filmed as a travelogue, this musical quest brings to light the positive influence of music emanating from the youth living in this region, which is crippled by state and non state violence for the last half a century.

The journey finally culminates on the celebratory night of 24th May with Bob Dylan’s birthday concert, organized by the legendary northeastern musician Lou Majaw for the 41st consecutive years, where all the 8 rock bands with whom we interacted earlier participate. With guitar in their hands and songs of life and hope on their lips, these youngsters are truly instrumental in changing the northeastern canvas of despair and anguish into one of hope and peace, much like how Bob Dylan operated in the America of 60s, torn by civil rights movements & Vietnam War …

25 Tracks

25 are two unknown, indie songwriters in a bare bones studio on a train in the industrial West of Melbourne – Australia’s music capital. 25 plan to write, record then release a fresh song every two weeks of the year. Cath loves pop, Nick loves garage rock. She wants jazz flute, he wants a dirty guitar. Is this ever going to work, are they totally deluded, is it an impossible goal? Will anyone even care or notice in the century of information and product overload? This is not reality TV, it’s not a competition, it’s real musicians doing their own thing.

Living the Tradition, an enchanting journey into old Irish Airs

Behind every Irish tune is an ancient tale of love and loss, of history and heroes. Living the Tradition is the journey cello player and composer Ilse de Ziah takes around Ireland in a search for undiscovered secrets of ten Irish Airs. Along the way she meets with renowned Irish musicians, scholars and local characters who share the history and stories behind the music with her. Ilse performs these intensely beautiful pieces in the places they originally come from, spanning the length and breadth of Ireland. Filmmaker Maarten Roos captures the romantic landscapes, the charm of the Irish people and the powerful resonance of the cello, creating a fresh and fascinating account of Irish music and culture.

Living the tradition poster